About Us

A charity that finds solutions to complex humanitarian problems through research and innovation

ALIF FOUNDATION is to empower the humanitarian community to improve humanitarian response. We make this happen by supporting and championing the outcomes of robust research and proven innovations.

We see the big picture. This gives our projects an edge and a real opportunity to become catalysts for change in global humanitarian response.


In pursuing our vision of a world equipped to mitigate the impact of humanitarian crises, we want to make sure that our work is undertaken in an ethical and robust way. To ensure this all our work is led by six guiding principle.

  1. Improving outcomes for people affected by crisis is at the heart of our work.
  2. People have a right to quality humanitarian response that is informed by robust evidence.
  3. Research and innovation should always be undertaken within a responsible and ethical framework
  4. Evidence must be made widely available and accessible to achieve the greatest possible impact.
  5. Collaboration and partnership, including with people affected by crisis, improves the quality, impact and uptake of research and innovation.
  6. Creativity, exploration and informed risk-taking is crucial to learn and bring about change.